Examinations   (Day & Evening Colleges)

As the College (Day & Evening) is an Autonomous Instituition, the College has an Examination Cell which is responsible for the conduct of end semester examinations and the publication of results thereafter.

Examination Cell

Controller of Examinations:
Dr. R. Ramachandran, M.A., B.Ed. M.Phil., Ph.D

Asst. Controller of Examinations:
Dr. G. Rajasekaran, M.Sc., M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Information regarding different aspects of the Examinations are detailed below:

  1. Continous Internal Assesment
  2. End Semester Examinations
  3. Applications
  4. Examination Fee Details
  5. Exam Time-Table
  6. Examination Hall
  7. Panel of Examiners
  8. Declaration and Publication of Results
  9. Revaluation
  10. Supplementary Examinations
  11. Provisional and Degree Certificates
  12. Other Certificates
  13. Clarifications

Continous Internal Assesment

The results of the candidates are based on CIA done at their departments and valuation of the end semester exam papers at the centralized valuation camp.

The Continuous Internal Assessment component consists of 40% for the assignments and course related work, 40% for tests and 20% for tests of paper related skills to be decided by the course teacher. (25 marks for CIA and 75 marks for end semester examination)

The marks earned in the CIA once will be carried forward to other semester too, if the student were to write the same paper again as arrears having failed or absent in the previous attempt. By the last working days of each semester, the marks of the CIA are released to the students.

End Semester Examinations

Controller's office arranges and conducts the end semester examinations at the end of odd and even semesters and declares the results of candidates.

Odd semester examinations are conducted in November and that of even semester examination in April-May. Practical examination / Project viva is also held along with the semester end examinations.

Chief Superintendent of exams manages the conduct of end semester exams. Valuation of the answer scripts are undertaken at the central valuation camp headed by a Camp Officer. One department is in-charge of examinations (Chief Superintendent) and another department is in-charge of valuation camp in each academic year.

Valuation of answer scripts is done centrally at the camp. Internal and external examiners valuate answer scripts for both undergraduate and postgraduate level.


Applications for appearing in the examinations are issued and received in August and February.

Examination Fee Details

1 Cost of Application Rs. 50/- per form
2 Statement of Marks Rs. 50/- for each
3 Total NO.of UG-Theory papers applied for.......X Rs. 80/- per paper
4 Total NO.of PG-Theory papers applied for........X Rs. 150/- per paper
5 Total NO.of UG-Practical papers applied for......X Rs. 100/- per paper
6 Total NO.of PG-Practical papers applied for......X Rs. 200/- per paper
7 Project UG Rs. 300/- per paper
8 Provisional Ceritificate Rs. 100/-
9 Convocation Rs. 150/-
10 Consolidated Mark Statement Rs. 150/-
11 Course Completion Ceriticate Rs. 50/-
12 Fine(for late submission) Rs. 100/-
13 Fine(for late submission) Rs. 500/-

Examination Time-table

Examination time table is released by October first week and March second week for the Odd Semester and Even Semester examinations respectively.

Examination Hall

Panel of Examiners

The panel of examiners for different subjects both in the Aided and Self financing stream is drawn with the help of the respective Heads of the departments / Chairman, Board of Studies in the month of July ( for Odd semester examinations ) and January (for Even semester examinations).

Before the conduct of semester end examination, the question papers are scrutinized by the external examiners and Chairman, Board of Studies.

Declaration and Publication of Results

A student, to pass a paper must have scored not less then 40% in the semester end exam and 40% in aggregate ( CIA + Semester end exam for undergraduate level) and 50% ( CIA + semester end exam ) in the case of post graduate studies.

A meeting of the passing boards is held after all the valuation and other examination related works are over. The results are declared in the month of December for odd semester and in June for even semester.

By the third week of December and the second week of June, the results are sent to the respective departments. Mark statements are subsequently sent to the departments before the end of June and of December.


Supplementary Examinations

Provisional and Degree Certificates

A copy of the results of the successful final year students are sent to the Madras University in July and January and the University issues provisional certificates to the students and the degree certificates after the convocation through the college. Provisional Pass Certificate can be had from the Controller of Examinations, University of Madras.

Other Certificates

Students are issued course completion certificates and consolidated mark statements with credits once they have passed all their papers. Rank certificates for eligible students are issued during the College Day.

Duplicate Degree Grade/Mark Sheets are not ordinarily issued. The students should apply to the Controller of Examinations, for obtaining them.


For any clarification, contact Principal/ Controller of Examinations/Chairman, Board of Studies.