The Department offers B.Sc (Chemistry) and M.Sc (Chemistry) courses.

Contact Details

Department of Chemistry

Phone: 044-24993057
Email:[email protected]

Department Working Hours: 8.30am to 1.45pm
Head of Department: Dr. B. Ganeshbabu


S NoNameQualificationDesignationCategoryArea of SpecialisationEmail
1.Dr. B. GaneshbabuM.Sc., Ph.D.,H O D & Asso. ProfAidedOrganic Chemistry[email protected]
2.Sri J. GandhirajM.Sc., M.Phil.,Asso. ProfAidedGeneral Chemistry[email protected]
3.Sri B. RameshM.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil.Asso. ProfAidedAnalytical Chemistry[email protected]
4.Sri M. BalajiM.Sc.,Asso. ProfAidedPhysical Chemistry[email protected]
5.Dr. A. A. M.PrinceM.Sc., Ph.D.,Asst. ProfAidedInorganic Chemistry[email protected]
6.Sri R. RameshkumarM.Sc., M.Phil.Asst. ProfAidedPhysical Chemistry[email protected]
7.Dr. S. RaghavanM.Sc., Ph.D.Asst. ProfAidedInorganic Chemistry[email protected]
8.Sri T. SivaramakrishnanM.Sc., M.Phil.Asst. ProfAidedPhysical Chemistry[email protected]
9.Dr. S. MuthukumaranM.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,Asst. ProfAidedInorganic Chemistry[email protected]
10.Sri V. GopalakrishnanM.Sc., M.Phil.Asst. ProfAidedOrganic Chemistry[email protected]
11.Dr. S. MunirajM.Sc., Ph.D.Asst. ProfAided
12.Dr. S. EkambaramM.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,Asst. ProfAided
13.Dr. R. VelmuruganM.Sc., Ph.D.Asst. ProfAided
14.Dr. N. ManivannanM.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,Asst. ProfAided
15.Dr. M. KannanM.Sc., Ph.D.Asst. ProfAided