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The Department of Commerce of the Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College Evening College was started in 1974. Since then, the department has been providing quality commerce education for those needy and interested students. Being the most popular institution situated at the heart of the city of Chennai, the college attracts many talented students.

Prof. M. Jambunathan was the head of the department during the year 1974 and Prof. P. Natrajan also served as department head. Dr. K. Duraipandian senior professor and former syndicate member university of Madras , served as a faculty for more than two decades and contributed for the growth of the department.

The department offers B.Com (General) course At present B.Com.(General) has 3 sections A, B, C with a total sanctioned strength of 210 per year.

There is a well-stocked library, which houses a good number of books on commerce, management, economics, finance and related subjects. In addition to that, the College management, for the benefit of the Staff and students, subscribes around 3 business journals/dailies.

Apart from the coverage of the curriculum, the department, with the able and noble support of the College Management, provides a number of Value- Addition Programmed such as Office Automation, Accounting Packages’ learning, Proficiency in Programming languages, Development of Marketing and Insurance skills, Inculcating Service Tax ,Value Added Tax ,Tally accounting package knowledge with special reference to VAT, etc.

Further, hidden skills of the students are unearthed and they are provided training/ opportunities in Fine Arts, Public Speaking, Photography learning, etc. Periodic guest lectures and seminars are conducted and provides an opportunity for the students to ventilate their hidden talents.

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