Internet Centre

The Internet Centre is equipped with more than 50 high-quality computers. All computers are connected with 24 hours Internet facility with a dedicated Airtel Lease Line. The Internet Connectivity with Campus wide-area Networking enables access from anywhere within the college Campus.

Rules and Regulations of the Internet centre

The Internet centre shall be open from 10 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. on all working days. Students of the Day College, as well as Evening College, can have free access to the internet during these hours, subject to the availability of the computer systems and the following rules:

1. Students must duly register at the centre before using the Internet facility.

2. Current year students having ID card and in formal dress shall be allowed to enter the Internet centre.

3. Students are not allowed inside the centre during their class hours.

4. Before entering the centre, the students must leave their bags/books/ belonging/ footwear in the proper place as directed.

5. Students must neatly and correctly enter the required data in the log-book before and after the use of the internet facility.

6. Students must browse the internet only after logging in through their own username (provided by the centre during registration) and password. The students must not disclose their passwords to anybody else. They are advised to change their passwords frequently for security reasons. In the event of any misuse, the centre shall hold responsible the student from whose user name the misuse has been done.

7. The centre’s facility shall be allowed only for the following purposes:

a. To browse for topics of academic interest and General Knowledge

b. To search for relevant material for writing notes/assignment, etc.

c. To prepare for seminars, conferences etc.

d. To explore career opportunities.

e. To register online for interviews and other career prospects

f. To browse for topics related to our cultural heritage, sports, and current affairs.

8. The students can also use the Centre’s facilities to browse intranet/ upload online assignments etc.

9. Any student found using the internet facility for purposes other than academic use should be asked to leave the centre immediately. If any student persists in using the facility for non-academic purposes, he shall be debarred from using the internet facility.

10. Every student who has duly registered would be allotted some storage space where they can work on their assignments/projects and store the data in their respective personal domains. The data stored, however, shall be purely at the risk of the students and the centre will not be responsible for any loss of data.

11. Students wishing to use Pen Drives/ CDs / DVDs must approach the authorities of the centre and follow their instructions.

12. Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited. If any student is found using a mobile phone, he shall be asked to leave the internet centre.