Digital Technology Center

Digital Technology Center

The Digital Technology Center was instituted by RKM Vidyapith as a Digital service and Technology Innovation unit in 2009. It began as an ‘Internet Center’ providing internet connection to those within its physical boundaries. Over the years this center has grown in size, relevance, and importance, and is now the hub of all the digital initiatives

  • to deploy and maintain the campus wide computing infrastructure
  • to provide informatic services for College academics
  • to integrate paperless e-governance with College administration

DTC has setup a high-speed campus-wide fiber network (fiber length of 10kms) backed by three dedicated leased-line internet for providing fault tolerance, traffic isolation, and information security. As part of its regular activities, it extends G-Suite services for email and drive storage, Web Services to all the stakeholders. The digital network facility is enhanced with sophisticated WiFi connectivity throughout the campus. The Centre designs and maintains the Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith website. The Center has established one Remote Application Server (IBM) powered Thin Clients lab for teaching programming. Besides it manages 4 other computer labs. DTC now plans to establish a language lab for English learners.

The DTC contributes significantly for the College administration. It has been engaged in developing the software needed for the academic and administrative works of the Vidyapith. To make use of Information Technology facilities & services to support the College’s Teaching-Learning, Research, and Administrative processes.

DTC Services at a Glance:

  • Network and Connectivity, IT Help Desk & Support
  • Web Design, Development and Hosting, E-Mail Services
  • Development of College Management Information System for E-Governance
  • Database / Storage / Server Management
  • Multimedia & Video Conferencing IT Infrastructure setup and maintenance

Rules and Regulations of the Digital Technology Center