The National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.) is an organisation sponsored with a view to inculcate a spirit of service and sacrifice in the minds of the young men of our country. The Government provides free military training to these selected young men who satisfy certain conditions regarding physical build, strength and stamina. The specific feature of this training is that it is given free without any service liability.

The aims of the N.C.C. training in the College are:

  1.  To develop character, comradeship, the ideal of service and the capacity for leadership in young men.
  2.  To provide service training to young men so as to stimulate interest in the defence of the country.
  3.  To build up a reserve of potential officers so as to enable the armed forces to expand rapidly in a national emergency.

The perfect drilling and traning imparted to the trainees make them acquire a fine personality and sound health.

All cadets thus enrolled will be equipped fully with uniform free of cost. All cadets enrolled will be provided with allowance for refreshment and washing. Cadets are to be extremely careful about the maintenance of the Government clothing supplied to them. The cadets should bear the cost of damaged articles.

Eligible cadets will be trained to appear for ‘B’ and ‘C’ certificate examinations.

Smart and capable cadets are entitled to selection for Adventure Courses, All India Advance Leadership Camps, Summer Training Camps of the States, Training in the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and be included in the Republic Day Parade contingent, New Delhi.

 NCC Tamilnadu Battalion 

Lt. U. Thanesh       Associate NCC officer

NCC Annual Reports :