Anti Ragging Committee

The list of punishments for the ragging in Tamil Nadu

The Government of Tamil Nadu are looking serious about the ragging and it gives many punishments to the students thosewho are involving in the ragging.

  • The student will be removed from the college if he is found involved in ragging.
  • The one more punishment will be around two-years of imprisonment and a fine of Rs.10,000.
  • The punished students never will be permitted to join any government or private jobs during their life time.
  • The students those who are involved in ragging will not get passport and FIR will be filed on them.
  • Apart from this regular punishments, many disciplinary actions will be taken against the students those who are involved in ragging.

The anti ragging movement in Tamil Nadu colleges

 The government of India and the state governments are taking many initiative steps and also implementing various Rules and Regulations for Prevention and Prohibition of Ragging in the educational institutions.

The All India Council For Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi and University Grant Commission (UCG) has sent many circulars and notifications to the educational institutions to prevent the ragging.

The ragging in any form are strictly prohibited.The Notification no. 37-3/Legal/AICTE/2009 dated 25-03-2009 has taken this ragging is a serious matter and suggests more shiver punishments to the person those who are involved in ragging.

The Supreme Court also has also passed various strict orders for Prevention and Prohibition of Ragging in the educational institutions.

The management of the educational institutions are also forming anti ragging committee called as “Ragging Curb Committee” by having the staff members of the institution to stop ragging in the colleges.

The Ragging Curb Committee is headed by the Principal of the respective college and it includes the members of the staff.

This committee take care and avoid ragging by visiting to the class rooms and various places in the campus during the lunch hours and free times.

How to prevent the ragging in educational institutions

It is necessary and most important to prevent this kind of inhuman and cruel activity called Ragging in the educational institutions and particularly in the Medical colleges. Because, the most of the ragging incidents are happening in the medical colleges.

The following innovative ideas and steps helps to stop the ragging in higher educational institutions.

  • The proper counselling should be given to the senior students that will help to avoid the ragging.
  • The necessary law and order should be implemented periodically and it should be executed in a timely manner.
  • The anti ragging affidavit should be collected from the senior students that ensure them not to involve in the ragging.
  • The awareness programmes may be conducted in the colleges to avoid ragging in advance.
  • The warning messages and notices should be given to the senior students by listing the punishments and disciplinary actions have to be taken against ragging. The government circular about the ragging punishments should be circulated to them also.
  • The ragging can be prevented by placing various anti ragging boards and banners in the college premises. The complaint and suggestion boxes may also be installed in various places of the college premises.
  • The college help line numbers and mobile numbers should be circulated to the first year students that will help to make a complaint about ragging.
  • The 24 X 7 ANTI RAGGING HELPLINE which was given by UGC should be put up on the college notice board. The UGC help line number for anti ragging is given below.

Help Line toll free Number : 1800-180-5522.