Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College was granted the status of autonomy in 2004. It is affiliated to the University of Madras. By virtue of being an autonomous institution, the college is free to frame its own courses of studies and to adopt innovative methods of teaching and evaluation following the guidelines laid down by TANSCHE (Tamil Nadu State Council of Higher Education)

The University of Madras awards the degrees for the graduating students.

Features of Autonomy

  • Autonomous syllabus is entirely students centric
  • Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) is effectively implemented
  • Syllabus are designed to suit the modern needs
  • Wide range of electives helps students
  • Project courses are introduced at U.G. level
  • Students develop problem-solving skills
  • Transparency in academic procedures
  • Students get ample opportunities to engage in extramural activities
  • Improved modes of course evaluation
  • Academic evaluation quality assurance through question paper moderator board
  • Continuous assessment curbs the practice of ‘eleventh hour preparation’
  • Improved student grievance redressal in course evaluation
  • Academic quality enhancement through student field visits, corporate internships, seminars
  • Well-maintained campus etiquette and academic discipline
  • Class attendance is strictly enforced
  • Improved student-teacher interaction
  • Students have the opportunity to learn an additional language
  • Teachers assist the freshers to cope with English studies