Best Practices

Continuous efforts are made to impart Man-making and Character-building education in a spiritual ambience. Teachers, Non-teaching staff and students have direct access with the Monks of the Ramakrishna Order who, in turn, inculcate life-building ideas through practical demonstration. Swami Vivekananda’s ideas on Personality Development in book form are given to the students free of cost in order to help them to understand and realise their true potential so that they can become fruitful and responsible citizens of our country. The same book is also given in Tamil as “Un Ethir Kaalam un Kaiyil”. Merits and achievements of the Teachers and Students are appreciated by announcing in the assembly meetings. Teachers and Students having creative talents like Music, Fine arts, Bharatanatyam, etc., are encouraged to perform on the stage during assembly meetings and special events.

College has been providing free nutritious noon-meal to the needy students for the past 15 years uninterruptedly on all working days.  On an average, 850 students of our college are benefited from this scheme.