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The growth and achievements of the Department can be broadly viewed in four phases :

  •  I Phase – Pre Silver Jubilee period 1946 – 1971.
  •  II Phase – Silver Jubilee to Golden Jubilee period 1971 – 1996.
  •  III Phase – Golden Jubilee to Diamond Jubilee 1996 –2006.
  •  IV Phase – Post Diamond Jubilee 2006 – till date.

The College started in 1946 with Mathematics at the Intermediate and B.Sc.Courses only. B.A. Honours course was started during 1949. The three years Honours Course was then replaced by the new two years M.Sc. Course in 1958. In the year 1980, the Department was upgraded from being a prominent postgraduate teaching Department to a Research Department offering facilities to pursue  Ph.D. degree in various topics of specialization like Number Theory, Analysis, Stochastic Processes, Partial Differential Equations, Fuzzy Algebra, Differential Geometry, Graph theory, Algebra etc.

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