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Accounting & Finance

Six Semester Curriculum (CBCS)


The Department offers B.Com (Accounting & Finance) course.

Career Opportunities

The Department of Accounting and Finance provides students with the Bachelor of Commerce degree, with a substantial amount of specialization in the fields of accounting and finance. This course is particularly suitable for those who wish to pursue a career in finance, most commonly, aspiring CA/CWA students. This is mainly due to the course content, where greater emphasis is laid on such subjects that would help develop a career in these fields.

The essence of the subjects studied by the students of this department has great depth. Therein lays the great value of this department to those pursuing professional courses. In short, the department caters to those aspiring CFOs and CAs in providing the right subjects in the right proportion, and ably guided by a set of experienced and highly motivating faculty, the department is a credit to the college.

Program Objectives, Course Outcomes & Syllabus

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Department of Accounting &Finance

Ramakrishina Mission Vivekananda (Evening) College
70-72 P.S. Sivaswami Salai
Mylapore, Chennai
Tamilnadu 600004, India

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